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World Art Gallery
Ferenc Jeney
multimedis artist
Welcome to my Gallery
Dear artist,

We have launched the Website World Art Gallery!

Our goal is to extend our site soon with a page of International Modern Art, introducing also high-quality international art and artists on the enormous stage of the Internet.

In collaboration with the artists, we have built a new art gallery showing the works of art and the individuality of the artists. The gallery presents the artists and their works in a new, interesting perspective in order to satisfy the interests of the art fans.

We have recently opened this artists’ website and are continuously adding new pages to the gallery. We have a lot of positive feedback from our visitors, who like our easy to use page and the new way of displaying works of art. According to my investigations the visitors have spent about 7 minutes on average on the page.

Every artist is presented with a CV and an own 3D video page. A slide show demonstrates the works of art of the artists. When the visitor downloads and opens the gallery, he can virtually walk in it using the mouse and can stop at any picture to enlarge it and enjoy the works of art more in detail.

We intend to prepare about 100 artists gallery pages in 2012, to assist the artist to put their names on the map and sell their paintings. This new presentation method is an excellent way to demonstrate their works of art and receive quick feedback from their visitors and potential customers. We aim to reach that the artists can easily be found and linked to their web pages where the customers can contact them immediately.

Dear Artist, You may also be included among the artists of the World Art Gallery Webpage!
The participation is free at the moment!
Please send us your paintings/works of art and the content of your CV page to our e-mail address ( or tell us your Web address, to be able to copy them, not to miss this extraordinary opportunity!
We prepare your gallery in a very short time and your gallery will only be published once the content is agreed upon with you.

We prepare the presentation of the first 20 applicants free of charge!!!

So if you want to be part of this extraordinary World Art Gallery Webpage, don’t hesitate to contact us as soon as possible.
Best regards,
Ferenc Jeney
skype; ferencjeney007
mobil; +358 40 471 8536


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